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Iunie 2017

Miere de albine pura din stup de lemn! Nu mai e smiley

  • Productie iunie 2017
  • Salcam si flori de primavara borcan 800g
  • Mierea nu a fost incalzita termic
  • Surplus din productia personala pentru fetita mea smiley doar pentru amici si amicii lor smiley
  • Merge si in combinatie cu smoothie de fructe

Pure bee honey from wood hive ! Finished already smiley

  • June production 2017
  • Acacia and spring flowers 800g jar
  • Honey was not heat treated
  • Surplus of personal production for my little girl smiley only for buddies and their buddies smiley
  • It also works in combination with fruit smoothies

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